Thank you for visiting MarketMyShow.com. Data Connect Corporation created MarkeyMyShow for show hosts and event planners that need a way to conduct online registration and marketing for their events.

A MarketMyShow website, branded and tailored to a company and its event, expands the online presence of the show and offers a richer experience for visitors. 

MarketMyShow provides fast, easy-to-use attendee registration functionality, and can include pages to address promotions and giveaways, guest speakers and seminars, frequently asked questions, an up-to-the-minute list of exhibitors, and even areas for a company’s sales team and suppliers.  Here those communities can review deadlines, access important documentation, and, if applicable, link to their Data Connect pre-registration, pre-ordering, or negotiations websites.  To find out more, email info@dataconnectcorp.com or call (303) 840-7477.

Full website available soon.